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ER Collets

CNC Tooling - Supply and Stock ER Collets in the following sizes.

  • ER08
  • ER11
  • ER16
  • ER20
  • ER25
  • ER32
  • ER40

ER Collets are suitable for Drilling, Tapping, Reaming, Boring & Milling. 

Our ER Collets have the following features:

  • Steel Collets,
  • DIN 6499 Standard,
  • Collapse of 0.5mm for ER11 and ER16 Collets,
  • Collapse of 1.0mm for ER20, ER25, ER32 and ER40 Collets.

The size indicated on the collet is the maximum size it can hold and can be collapsed smaller within its collapse range. For example, a 4.0mm ER20 Collet with a collapse of 1.0mm will hold a round shank ranging from 3.0mm to 4.0mm.